Friday, August 20, 2010

A User-Friendly Website Where You Write To Earn Money Online

 Earn Money Online Get Paid

Have you considered writing online to supplement your income?  Are you tired of falling for the get rich quick schemes the Internet is cluttered with?  If so, I would like to introduce to you a revenue sharing website where your write to earn Adsense Revenue and it's called

Shetoldme is free to join and offers it's writers an opportunity to earn Adsense revenue.  You will never be asked to pay for a membership and you will never be asked to pay for information of any kind.

You might be asking yourself, how can that be because nothing is for free.  There is no catch or gimmick of any kind.  If you enjoy writing online then will split the Adsense revenue earned with you.

Let me explain in more detail for you.  Each time you create a scoop at, places Adsense ads throughout your scoops.  There is no need to learn how to create and embed Adsense codes onto your scoops.  You write about topics that interest you and you want to share with the world and Shetoldme places Adsense ads at the top, middle and bottom of your scoop.

The way Shetoldme splits the revenue is half the time your Adsense ID ads are shown and the other times Shetoldme Adsense ads are shown.  So the more you write the more of an opportunity you have to earn Adsense revenue using

If your a beginner and you want to learn how to start earning money online then join  It is user-friendly and offers us ordinary people to earn money to supplement our income.  Over time it adds up.  I'm someone who writes online almost daily and the reason why I do is because it is bringing in the extra revenue I desired.  In the beginning it was tough but over time I realized the more I wrote the faster the revenue started coming. 

If you already write online and seeking new websites to attract more traffic to your articles, creating backlinks using Shetoldme is free and it works.  Whenever I write an article I create backlinks at many different Adsense revenue sharing websites to attract more traffic to my articles.  I do the initial writing to link my articles and blogs to Shetoldme and  traffic comes to me while I'm doing something else.  Free does work and it earns me money too.

Take the time to visit if your seeking an opportunity to earn money online or someone who already is earning money online but would like to increase their revenue with Adsense and increase traffic.